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When visiting Ventura, the immediate attraction is the vast ocean that stretches for miles. The view is even more amazing when you walk down the long Ventura pier and see the sun glistening atop the ocean surface. The Ventura pier has become a favorite attraction for locals, whom often come to fish, stroll, and enjoy the coastal views.

With every step down the pier, visitors and locals walk through history. The pier is marked as an historic location since 1872. The pier is 1,620 feet in length and considered the eighth longest pier in California. It was once a place for importing and exporting goods, and now relished as a historic timepiece.

The view can also be enjoyed while having a beverage and delicious tacos at Beach House Tacos or happy hour deals at Eric Ericsson’s Fish Co. right above. Whether you are with family, friends, by yourself, or with a companion, this historic pier provides the perfect balance that will leave your stomach and day happier.

It is easy to get lost in the daily routine of work, chores, and obligations. However, by taking a trip to Ventura you get an ocean playground that allows you to embrace the beauty of your surroundings. The scenery, food, and history is lush with splendor and ready to be explored!

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