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Whether it is a first date or a night away from the kid’s, Ventura is the perfect location for the perfect date night. With the beautiful coastal view as your backdrop, you cannot ask for a more romantic location. You can walk down the Ventura pier and along the boardwalk and feel the coastal breeze. While walking on the pier, head over to Eric Ericcson’s for a beverage, and sit by the window overlooking the vast, blue ocean.

Ventura California

Afterwards, you can head to downtown Ventura to enjoy live music and wine at Vintura Tasting Room & Wine Rack. Additionally, there are multiple events, like “Pinot & Painting,” that you can enjoy with your date. Join in on the wine tasting wars, and stop in to taste which wine you prefer and cast your vote with your date! See if your date has the winning choice or you do.

A few doors down is Lure Fish House. A wonderful location for a date night dinner! Come to this restaurant with your date, with an appetite. There are incredible options for oysters, and an even more delicious house ceviche, which are only two of many delicious items on the menu. This restaurant offers delicious seafood, as well as, a romantic ambience with dim lighting from beautiful light fixtures.

If you are looking for an intimate dinner location with good wine and charcuterie, then head over to Paradise Pantry. Order a bottle or multiple glasses of wine, and share a delicious plate with an array of cheeses, meats, and pâtés. They also offer delicious comfort food, like sandwiches, mac n’cheeses, soups, and more.

Paradise Pantry Ventura CA USA

With such beautiful scenery and delicious food and drink options, Ventura is the perfect location for the perfect date night. Get ready to plan your next romantic evening with us and your loved one!

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