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An ideal tourist is an individual who is craving adventure and has a willingness to try new restaurants, explore shops, and put on their shoes to take a walk in the wilderness. Ventura offers multiple attractions that appeal to any tourist! Whether you would like to spend a weekend eating, meditating, surfing, hiking, or relaxing, Ventura is the perfect place to achieve all those things.

If your stomach is calling, there are multiple breakfast places that can start your day off with a happy belly. For gluten-free and vegan options there is Harvest Café, and for omelet’s, pancakes, and more you can venture to Café Nouveau, Pete’s House Restaurant, Golden Egg Café, and more!

If you are itching to get your heart rate up, then take a bike ride along Ventura’s boardwalk to sightsee and enjoy the ocean views. With ample locations to park your bike, you can enjoy food and beverages at Beach House Tacos on Ventura Pier, or venture to Downtown Ventura where streets are filled with delicious food options, antique shops, and bars.

Ventura is the perfect place for any ideal tourist. This beautiful town offers boundless options for any explorer, foodie, and/or passerby. With delicious food options and an endless ocean, you cannot help but want to stay longer. The ideal Ventura tourist is an individual who is ready to leave with their tummy full, sand between their toes, and a hunger to come back to Ventura to discover more.

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